BUG 01

26 Apr 2007 17:35 - posted by Phil Tidy

BUG 01, Thursday 26th April 2007


BUG is subtitled The Evolution of Music Video, because it will also attempt to highlight new trends and phenomena in a period of extraordinary change for the medium (as it is for broadcasting in general). We'll be exploring the explosion of creativity and new aesthetics that has come with the proliferation of new technologies, from DV to Final Cut to YouTube.


So in the first ever BUG, presented by the one and only Adam Buxton, we bring you a look at one aspect of the user-generated content phenomenon, with special reference to videos; there's also a focus on a vibrant movement of audio-visual creativity occurring in London these past few months; and lots more outstanding videos too.


BUG 01 programme notes.pdf


Battles - Atlas

Timothy Saccenti is down as director on this number but it was a mass collaborative effort from the band as well. Set in a cube floating in an undefined space.

Clark - Ted

I don't particularly like insects to look at close up although realise we need them. Seeing this on the big screen made me squirm. Director Arvind Palep filmed this insect, close up and not in their natural environment. It's not sexy is it?

Grizzy Bear - Knife

Directors Encyclopedia Pictura are not normal.

Cock Rock Disco - Everyone Everywhere

Markus Feder & Martin Sulzer. There is something growing behind the modern day corporate life, something weird. Break-cutted-mashup-video-core: The videofocuses on the frontlines of modern day life, on work and leisure, art and powerpoint.
This musicvideo was made in cooperation with Jason Forrest and his label Cock Rock Disco. It features music from 15 different artists: Food For Animals • About • Duran Duran Duran • Dev/Null • Next Life • Stunt Rock • Slepcy • Audiogarde • Don Augusto • Drumcorps • Vorpal • Terminal 11 • Doormouse • Pisstank • The Assdroids

Lisa Lindley-Jones - Stepback

A no-budget personal project by one of the UK’s best and most experienced video directors, WIZ, for Lisa Lindley-Jones. It’s a beautiful exercise in classic film making.

Willowz - Jubilee

Toben Seymour uses lots of timelapse and painting with light in this video for Willowz. Time consuming and quite lovely.

Klaxons - Golden Scans

Director Saam Farahmand makes the band look like imperious galactic gods or some such was his quote at some awards show. Depending on what you are smoking I suppose that is true. I thought Richard York in Logans run but then I thought again.

The Horrors - Gloves

Directed by Daniel Wolfe.

Jamie T - Salvador

Nima Nourizadeh the singer and some others walk along the road and some other stuff.

The Little Ones - Oh Mj

Terri Timely the directing duo from San Francisco – has such an uplifting quality we just had to include it.

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