BUG 04

27 Nov 2007 00:00 - posted by Phil Tidy


Our final offering of 2007. It’s another night of dazzling creativity in music 

videos, the very latest examples of outstanding work from around the world,

an eclectic mix of music styles,special guests, and the one and only Adam

Buxton. But we’ll admit right now: there’s also something which is not actually

a video, and something which is, well, pretty damn old..


BUG 04 programme notes.pdf


Trans Am - Tesco vs Sainsburys

Directed by Lung!! You make my eyes and ears bleed... I like it. If I was meant to understand god would have given me a ford capri...

Himsa - Big Timber

Director Jared Eberhardt makes a card board Yeti horror video!

Menomena – Evil Bee

Director: Stefan Nadelman

The Whitest boy Alive - The Golden Cage

Mauro Vecchi goes all optical illusion on yo ass!!

Wintergreen - Cant sit still

Keith Schofiled's educational video on how to make drugs at home and save money and not have go and see "The Man" so often.

Socalled - You are never alone

Benjamin Steiger Levines mechanical head post production wonder!

Chromeo - Bona Fide Lovin'

Created by director Nima Nourizadeh

Kaiser Chiefs - Love's not a competition

Jim Canty and some long lens shenanigans.

Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling into place

Directed by Adam Buxton & Garth Jennings with some head cams.

I Love u but chose darkness - The Owl

Emmanuel Ho's stark unsettling owl vs crow animated video.

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