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14 Jul 2011 16:10 - posted by Phil Tidy

A midsummer romp through the latest world-class music video creativity offered up some amazing work, including Cyriak Harris cubic Powers of Ten tribute, CANADA's sexy biblical epic for White Lies, Patrick Daughters turning Witchfinder General for Depeche Mode, Dennis Liu's massive crowd-source Michael Jackson video and Megaforce's notorious-yet-genius vid for Is Tropical.


All this, and at our first show we welcomed music video pioneer and all-round legend Kevin Godley as our special guest, showing classics for U2 and Godley & Creme, and his excellent new vid for Gavin Friday. 


BUG 26  Wednesday 13 July, 8.45pm

Special Guest Director: Kevin Godley

BUG 26 programme notes.pdf





BUG 26 - The Director’s Cut  Thursday 14 July, 6.30pm and 8.45pm

BUG 26 Director's Cut programme notes.pdf



Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (Stargate Remix)

Directed by Patrick Daughters, whose work is regularly featured at BUG, has directed another superbly cinematic work for a new remix of Depeche Mode’s classic Personal Jesus – set in the 18th century. A poor girl has been accused of witchcraft and so a mob of villagers led by self-righteous clerics gather on a stone bridge to subject her to a terrifying ordeal to prove her innocence or guilt. This is a spectacularly mounted affair drawing on numerous cinematic influences, and with a compelling twist.

LOOM - Polynoid

Arachnaphobics beware!!! Loom is a short film created by the collective of extremely talented animators based in Germany called Polynoid – and principally directors Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck and Csaba Letay. You may never look at spiders the same way again.

Skillit ft T.B & K NITE13 – The Truth

Skillit is a young British hiphop artist who is little more easygoing than most. He’s still unsigned to a label, but together with director Darren Rahaman he’s already made a series of entertaining videos (and Skillit also hosted a BBC show last year, No Hats No Trainers). The charm of their new one, for The Truth, is its absolute simplicity. It’s nothing other than a performance by Skillit and fellow rappers TB and K Nite 13 – partly inspired by the title sequence of The Cosby Show – captured in a single take. No frills, but very effective indeed.

Masterchef Synesthesia - Swede Mason

And to finish.. a Masterchef inspired remix from video junky Swede Mason and a couple of chubby cooks

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