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10 Nov 2015 12:01 - posted by Phil Tidy

BUG 49 returned with another collection of music videos and short form creativity, bursting from the trusty laptop of the one and only Adam Buxton. In our final show of the year, we have some fantastic new videos that have nowhere near as many YouTube views as that one by Adele. We also have videos that won at the recent UK Music Video Awards, never before seen at BUG.


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Radkey – Glore

**FLASHING LIGHTS** We start with some cartoon mayhem from US garage punk band Radkey, courtesy of British director Nicos Livesey. Nicos has serious form when it comes to ambitious animation projects: this one for Glore is a throwback to the heyday of Claymation, pioneered by Bruce Bickford’s work with Frank Zappa, and seen in videos for Jackie Wilson’s Reet Petite and The Housemartins in the 1980s.

M.I.A. – Borders

She was born Mathangi Arulpragasam 40 years ago in Hounslow, and grew up in war-torn Sri Lanka, eventually finding refuge in London as a teenager, learning English and after college becoming an artist. Then her musical journey began, and she became M.I.A., the rapper who constantly fuses Western and Eastern musical styles, and addresses global political subjects.

John Grant – Down Here

John Grant recently released his third solo album (Grey Tickles, Black Pressure) to the kind of critical acclaim that greeted the previous two, and has made him a darling of the BBC 6Music demographic. We are very pleased to premiere the new video for Down Here. It’s directed by British feature film editor-turned-director Lisa Gunning, who created a cycle of films for the Goldfrapp album Tales of Us last year, and tells the story of a young man with a hankering to join the synchronised swimming team at his local pool.

Ogris Debris – See the World

We don’t show too many videos from Austria at BUG, but the Vienna-based animation and design studio LWZ has made a great accompaniment to the annoyingly-catchy See the World, by Austrian electronic band Ogris Debris. A continual upwards move reveals a visual style inspired by pre-WW2 graphic design, updated with the tech-detritus of the modern age and a theme of human neglect for the lack of an all-seeing ‘birds-eye’ perspective.

The Shoes – Drifted

French band The Shoes have featured at BUG several times before, as have French-Canadian directing duo Dent de Cuir, with their work for DyE and Darwin Deez. In this case for Drifted, the directors continue from their award- winning lyric video for Feed the Ghost for the band, to create a piece entirely created from viral clips, memes and gifs, conjuring pathos from the humour.

Raleigh Ritchie – Bloodsport ’15 (Pt 2)

Raleigh Ritchie is the stage name of Jacob Anderson – who is also, as any Game of Thrones fan knows, Grey Worm in GoT. And as a musician, the updated version of his song Bloodsport has generated not one but two different videos by Shynola, the directing team best known for their groundbreaking work in animation, but now reinvented as a live action collective. This is also violent, in a zanily comedic way, with Raleigh (dumped in the previous video) taking out his ire on the local population with his special rifle, before realising he’s not the only rooftop sniper.

Beardyman – Mountainside

Beatboxer, musician and comedian Beardyman (aka Darren Foreman) has recently been touring his improvisational One Album Per Hour show, where he creates an album taken from titles made up by each night’s audience. And he also came up with the idea for the video for the relaxed Mountainside with director and long-time collaborator Lewis Rose, about the instant attraction of two experienced ravers and their brief, chemically-enhanced affair. A funny, and poignant tale of rave-love.

New Build - Luminous Freedom

Another track of laidback beats from New Build, the project by Hot Chip’s Al Doyle and Felix Martin with composer Tom Hopkins, has inspired George Wu, a director and graphic designer known for her small-scale craft-based aesthetic, to develop a video with photographer John Short that combines the stately visual look of classic Dutch painting with an amusing name game. Just combine the image with the subtitle to come up with a famous name.

The Jezabels – Come Alive

Darcy Prendergast of Melbourne studio Oh Yeah Wow has featured at BUG before, for his videos for Gotye and others. Now he’s co-directed a video for Aussie indie band The Jezabels’ Come Alive with Xin Li which, like the New Build video, ingeniously harks back to works of art by old masters, like Goya and Turner. The harrowing story of a woman chased, captured and destined to a terrible fate is told via images created on oil paint on glass and animated frame by frame. In its way, it’s something of a masterpiece.

Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Many of the winning videos at last month’s UKMVAs ceremony at The Roundhouse have been screened at BUG before, but a few have not, including three we are screening tonight. First, there’s Tame Impala’s Let It Happen directed by David Wilson, one of our favourite directors at BUG and winner of the Best Director prize at this year’s UKMVAs.

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