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21 Dec 2015 14:55 - posted by Phil Tidy

BUG's first show of 2016 was be a special programme celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Because label group, and an exceptional music video output for the past decade for a range of artists including Metronomy, Justice, Django Django, Cassius, Sebastien Tellier and Major Lazer.


Adam Buxton was joined on stage by special guest, Joseph Mount. Joseph is the driving force behind and lead singer of Metronomy. 


BUG Special – Because Music 10th Anniversary programme notes.pdf 


Metronomy – Radio Ladio

We start with Metronomy, and the first music video commissioned at the label in London where Jane Third, the company’s head of A&R, also acts as creative director and commissions her artists’ videos. In 2007, Radio Ladio, the first single from Metronomy’s second album Nights Out, was accompanied by a suitably goofy lo-fi, primary-coloured video by Daniel Brereton, featuring Joseph and Oscar Cash and Gabriel Stebbing playing cardboard electronic keyboards and in awe of an unattainable beauty.

Justice – Civilization

Justice’s Civilization, from the French band’s second album Audio, Video, Disco, released in 2011, was accompanied by a jaw-dropping video directed by Edouard Salier, who created a unique, surreal world in CGI: a Monument Valley comprised of actual monuments. Then this world is tipped on its axis so the gigantic marble statues begin to crash down among stampeding bison on the valley floor below.

Sebastien Tellier – Love

Since his first album at the start of the Noughties, Sebastien Tellier
has cultivated a Serge Gainsbourg-like aura of the unkempt Don Juan, to accompany his melodious electronic pop. The video for Love, from his most recent album L’Aventura, is another remarkable achievement in animation, this time directed by Valentine Reinhardt, who created the beautiful illustrations on
the album cover. Essentially, it’s Tellier’s journey through a female-populated tropical paradise, interpreted in Reinhardt’s intensely colourful hand-painted style. She created over 40 scenes in acrylic paint on paper with Tellier as Boticelli’s Venus. And of course everyone is naked.

Breakbot ft Irfane - Baby I’m Yours

The video for Breakbot’s Baby I’m Yours is another stunning achievement in animation. Irina Dakeva’s exquisite take on the rotoscoping process involved applying watercolour to nearly 2000 individual live action images with gorgeous results (and as Irina was Breakbot’s girlfriend, it really was a labour of love).

DJ Mehdi – Signatune

There are numerous examples of celebrated directors getting their break making a video for Because Music or Ed Banger. That is certainly the case with Romain Gavras, who gained an impressive reputation as an agent provocateur in the late Noughties for his incendiary music video work. Before that, Gavras honed his gritty doc-style with his video for another Ed Banger artist, DJ Mehdi. The Thomas Bangalter edit of Mehdi’s Signatune, focuses on a macho young man in Lens, northern France, setting out on a big day to prove his domination in the obscure, aggressive world of mobile sound systems.

Django Django – Hand of Man

Django Django is the London-based band formed by four ex-students from Edinburgh College of Art, and their art school background has always informed the band’s music video output. They have come up with the ideas, worked behind the camera as well as in front, and teamed up with up and coming talents. The video for Hand of Man was directed by John Maclean – former Beta Band member turned filmmaker and the brother of the Djangos’ drummer- producer David Maclean.

Justice – New Lands

Meanwhile, Justice, the dance music brainchild of Gaspard Augé and Xavier de Rosnay, have continued to commission video directors to make big statements with their music. The Barcelona-based directing team CANADA were given the chance to create their own sci-fi blockbuster in the video for New Lands and came up with a hugely impressive, and gripping variation on the cult death-by-strange-sport Seventies sci-fi movie (and Hunger Games ancestor) Rollerball.

Charlotte Gainsbourg ft Beck – Heaven Can Wait

Back in 2009, Charlotte Gainsbourg’s Heaven Can Wait, featuring Beck, saw LA-based director Keith Schofield take inspiration from his ‘found photos folder’ to create some bizarre, surreal, and very funny imagery. That included recreating some brilliant images by artist William Hundley, who was later duly credited.

Connan Mockasin – Faking Jazz Together

New Zealander Connan Mockasin’s unique brand of psychedelic pop-soul has been gracing the ranks of Because since his first solo album, Forever Dolphin Love, in 2011. From that album came Faking Jazz Together, with a brilliant one-shot video by French directing duo Fleur & Manu that matches the woozy essence of Mockasin’s music. An investigator and cameraman arrive to witness a secret ceremony in the forest, where the participants are levitated into the treetops by an incanting shaman.

Major Lazer ft. Amber Coffman – Get Free

Bertrand Lagros de Langeron – better known as So Me – is a crucial figure at Ed Banger Records as the label’s first art director and the creator of the influential graphic style that featured in all its releases in the mid-Noughties. So Me travelled to Jamaica to make the video for Major Lazer’s Get Free, an impressionistic documentary that succeeds in capturing the rumbustious vibrancy of the island, from tough boxers to sweet school kids; and a special focus on girls dancing in a popular style that would soon be known as twerking.

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