Lipton Ice Tea & BUG at The Truman Brewery

Lipton Ice Tea & BUG took over Truman Brewery for a one off Monday morning video showcase! 

On Monday 11th July, Lipton Ice Tea brought Londoners a comedy experience like no other, Adam Buxton took BUG to the the iconic Truman Brewery. 

We went on a early morning music video journey, with running commentary from Adam, all powered by an audience on bikes! The pedal power was the driving force behind the screen!

It was a one-off event all part of the Lipton Ice Tea ‘Extend Your Weekend’ campaign which encourages us to banish those Sunday night blues, with a series of exciting and unique Monday morning events across the summer. 

For more info on campaign head to HERE

Instagram: #IsItMondayYet

Twitter/Facebook: @LiptonIceTeaUK

BUG 64

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Hosted by Adam Buxton

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Hosted by Adam Buxton

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